Smart city day at the BIS workshop

The goal of this one day event is to bring together smart-city actors from industry, academia and cities to exchange about respective vision for smarter cities and related challenges, in particular introducing the research agenda of the CityLab@Inria Lab that is under creation.

Further, acknowledging the strong link of CityLab with the Inria@SiliconValley program, the event will be the occasion to bring together actors from both France and California, discussing ongoing and potential joint research opportunities in the area.

The event is organized around 4 sessions, each dedicated to a major smart city challenge,namely:

  • The city vision about smarter cities
  • The challenge of urban-scale sensing
  • The challenge of urban-scale data engineering
  • The challenge of democracy 3.0

See the workshop page on the Inria@SiliconValley Web page by following the link: Inria@SiliconValley

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