Demonstration at the UrbanDirtLab during the Futur en Seine festival

CityLab@Inria will take part to the UrbanDirtLab at the Futur en Seine festival which a festival presenting the latest digital innovations to the general public and the professionals. Along with the startup Plume Labs and La Paillasse, CityLab@Inria will help the general public to map the urban pollution.

Plume Labs will provide a mobile sensing system to measure air quality exposure. La Paillasse will provide a kit to collect microbiological pollution to be later sequenced. The team Clime and MiMove from CityLab@Inria will deploy their SoundCity Android app to measure ambient noise. The participants from the general public will be invited to visit the surroundings in order to map the local urban pollution, and their results will be analyzed when they return.

The UrbanDirtLab will be one of the events of the Futur en Seine festival, on Saturday 13 June and Sunday 14 June at Gaîté lyrique in Paris. It will be open to anyone from the general public.

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