The City Innovate Summit, 17-18 June, San Francisco

Changing the World One City at a Time

The City Innovate Summit brings together citizens, companies, cities, makers, start-ups, CIOs (chief innovation officers), academia, VC’s and media to convene, collaborate and co-create the new urban future for all cities. Know more on the event’s Web site at:

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Demonstration at the UrbanDirtLab during the Futur en Seine festival

CityLab@Inria will take part to the UrbanDirtLab at the Futur en Seine festival which a festival presenting the latest digital innovations to the general public and the professionals. Along with the startup Plume Labs and La Paillasse, CityLab@Inria will help the general public to map the urban pollution.

Plume Labs will provide a mobile sensing system to measure air quality exposure. La Paillasse will provide a kit to collect microbiological pollution to be later sequenced. The team Clime and MiMove from CityLab@Inria will deploy their SoundCity Android app to measure ambient noise. The participants from the general public will be invited to visit the surroundings in order to map the local urban pollution, and their results will be analyzed when they return.

The UrbanDirtLab will be one of the events of the Futur en Seine festival, on Saturday 13 June and Sunday 14 June at Gaîté lyrique in Paris. It will be open to anyone from the general public.

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3 positions opened within CityLab@Inria: 2 PhD and 1 Postdoc grants available

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RESCOM 2015 Summer School on Smart City – 22 – 26 June 2015, Lyon, France

In 2015, the ResCom community (the French networking research community) organizes its annual school on the Smart City theme. The 2015 edition of the ResCom summer school will be held in Lyon from June 22 to 26 and will offer a cross-way and multidisciplinary vision of the smart city theme, spanning the network infrastructure and the societal and privacy issues, going through data collection and processing.

CityLab@Inria is happy to be part of the event and will be proudly represented by the Urbanet, MiMove, CLIME, OAK and FUN research teams.

The event is further co-organized by 2 members of CityLab@Inria: Drs Nathalie Mitton and Hervé Rivano.

For more information:

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Urban Civics of CityLab@Inria in the news: Interception program, France Inter, 8 March 2015

Researchers of Urban Civics, a project of CityLab@Inria contributed to the France Inter radio program on smart city that was broadcasted on 8 March 2015. The program is in French and may be listened to at: (available till December 2017).

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Working session on “Smart City” at BIS’2015, 13 May 2015, CITRIS, UC Berkeley

CityLab@Inria researchers contribute to a full day working session on “Smart City and Mobility” to be held as part of BIS’2015 at CITRIS at UC Berkeley.

The annual BIS  (Berkeley-Inria-Stanford) workshop is part of the Inria@SiliconValley program. It is co-organized by Inria and its partners in California.  The objectives of the workshop are to present the current status of ongoing scientific collaborations and to work on proposals for future ambitious joint projects.

Inria and its partners of the Inria@SiliconValley program, including researchers of CityLab@Inria, having engaged into research collaboration on smart cities and related issue of urban mobility, the working session on smart city is structured around panels and is the occasion to exchange about ongoing as well as potential future collaborations on the theme.

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Inria-Industry meeting on Smart City & Mobility @ San Francisco – 11 May 2015

CityLab@Inria researchers contribute to the Inria-Industry meeting on “Smart City and Mobility” jointly organized by  Inria, Inria@SiliconValley, and PRIME.

For the first time, this event will take place in San Francisco demonstrating how Inria is contributing to global innovation in digital technology.

This event aims at fostering collaboration and create business opportunities between Inria research teams / startups and American companies. It is a unique occasion to discover cutting-edge innovations and solutions pertaining to: Urban physical and social sensing (air quality, noise pollution, transport, etc.), Big data analysis for city planning, traffic management and personalized mobility, Wireless communications, sensor networks, communication optimization, urban networks, Data ownership, privacy and security, Democratization of urban information and citizen engagement, New mobility solutions (robotized and autonomous systems).

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Aristote seminar on Scientific Computing for Smart Cities, 12 March 2015 @ IFSTTAR.

A one-day seminar on scientific computing for smart cities will take place at IFSTTAR (Champs sur Marne, in Paris suburbs) on 12 March 2015. It will deal with the contributions of numerical simulation for understanding and decision making at urban scale. Several applications will serve as illustrations: water quality, air pollution, traffic, acoustics, etc.

This seminar is organized by Vivien Mallet from CityLab@Inria, Thiên-Hiêp Lê from ONERA and Xavier Louis from IFSTTAR.

Josef Sivic from CityLab@Inria will present his work on “Large-Scale Quantitative Visual Analysis”.

For further information, see:

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CityLab Researchers at the French Senate for the « Digital day », 11 February 2015

Several members of CityLab@Inria have presented demos at the French senate for the « Digital day », February 11th 2015:


The Urbanet team has shown its mobile platform for sensor network experimental deployments and explained the challenges of urban wireless sensor networks for smart cities.
The Clime team has shown its simulation tool for a precise mapping of the air quality in Paris. This tool is the result of a collaboration with Airparif and Numtech.
The Dice team has shown its intermediation platform Jumplyn:

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CityLab articles in ERCIM News 98, special issue on Smart Cities

ERCIM News 98, special issue on Smart Cities, features the following articles from CityLab:

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