In order to shape our citizen-centric smart city vision that promotes social sustainability, we study new urban services that we feel representative of the vision.

Numerous application areas have been considered in the literature and communication about smart cities, as it basically envisions a digital version of most city-scale services. However, the smart versions of services largely remain to be invented.

Within CityLab@Inria, we investigate novel urban services that build upon our research contributions, while further targeting social sustainability. Those services will primarily be developed as part of associated projects and thus in close collaboration with external partners. We also envision the organization of hackathons that is becoming a major tool for the creation of applications.

Our objective in the development of novel urban services is to guide our research by shaping our smart city vision. The following smart city services are already being targeted, based on the activities of the participating Inria groups, which include leveraging joint projects between Inria and UC Berkeley for some of them:

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