CityLab@Inria involves collaboration among the following participating Inria teams: MIMOVE, CLIME, DICE, FUN, MYRIADS, OAK, SMIS, URBANET and WILLOW. Please visit the “Participating Teams” page to know more about the research contributions that are brought about.

The following researchers from the contributing teams are actively participating to the Lab effort:

In addition to the above, collaborations with the following researchers from partners of the Inria@SiliconValley program are actively ongoing:

Administrative management of the Lab is taken care of by:

  • Maryse Desnous, Inria Paris

Former contributors to CityLab include:

  • Sara Hachem,  Inria@SiliconValley postdoc
  • Estelle Hallaert, ENTPE Intern at Inria@SiliconValley
  • Animesh Pathak, Inria MiMove researcher

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