Working session on “Smart City” at BIS’2015, 13 May 2015, CITRIS, UC Berkeley

CityLab@Inria researchers contribute to a full day working session on “Smart City and Mobility” to be held as part of BIS’2015 at CITRIS at UC Berkeley.

The annual BIS  (Berkeley-Inria-Stanford) workshop is part of the Inria@SiliconValley program. It is co-organized by Inria and its partners in California.  The objectives of the workshop are to present the current status of ongoing scientific collaborations and to work on proposals for future ambitious joint projects.

Inria and its partners of the Inria@SiliconValley program, including researchers of CityLab@Inria, having engaged into research collaboration on smart cities and related issue of urban mobility, the working session on smart city is structured around panels and is the occasion to exchange about ongoing as well as potential future collaborations on the theme.

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