CityLab-HD 2-SiteGrandCityLab@Inria studies ICT solutions toward smart cities that promote both social and environmental sustainability. Toward that goal, the  Lab undertakes a multi-disciplinary research program through the integration of relevant scientific and technology studies, from sensing up to analytics and advanced applications, so as to actually enact the foreseen smart city Systems of Systems while fostering citizen participation.

Obviously, running urban-scale experiments is a central concern of the Lab, so that we are able to confront proposed approaches to actual settings.

The Lab’s research leverages relevant effort within Inria project-teams that is further revisited as well as integrated to meet the challenges of smart cities. Research themes span: energy-efficient wireless communication protocols, urban-scale social and physical sensing, privacy by design, cloud-based urban data management, data assimilation, visual analysis, and urban system software engineering.

In addition, CityLab@Inria research builds upon collaborative effort at the International level, and especially collaboration in the context of the Inria@SiliconValley program.

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